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Photo Compilations from events members of the AFCEA Student Club have attended

Following, you may find depictions from past events the AFCEA Student Club and Afceayouth representatives have attended


International Data Links Symposium 2012

October 16-19-2012

In October 16 – 19 – 2012, the annual symposium of the International Data Link Society was organized in Athens at the Athenaeum InterContinental.

The AFCEA Hellenic Chapter partook the IDLS 2012 with a concrete presentation made by Ioannis Koutras on the substance and conclusions of the previously organized day-seminar on Electronic Monitoring Services for Identification and Control of Borders (January, 24, 2011).


The AFCEA Hellenic Chapter along with representatives of the AFCEA Student Club provided info about AFCEA and its purposes to all visiting exhibitors and participants. 




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AFCEA’s Business Model for a common approach of Government, Industry and Academia to overcome the International Crisis Era


October 102012

Last October, the AFCEA Student Club hosted a day-event presentation of AFCEA Europe General Manager, Peter Treche dedicated in pinpointing the importance for the generation of out of the box solutions to lead the way out of the crisis.  Mr. Konstantine Zografov, AFCEA Int. Regional Vice President (Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea Region) attended the lecture as well and informed the AFCEA members of the latest developments in the administration of chapters and regions in Europe.



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AFCEA Student club and AFCEA Youth representatives traveled from Greece to Belgium and attended the Conference.
Some of the issues explored in the above mentioned forum are :
  • Intelligence Lessons Learned Since 9/11
  • Understanding the New Missions of Intelligence
  • Intelligence in a Digital World
  • Strengthening an International Approach to Intelligence
  • Intelligence and Homeland Defence
  • Supporting National and Multinational Intelligence Requirements
  • The Increased Role of Non-Traditional Intelligence Requirements
  • Intelligence in an Open, Connected World
  • The Future for Intelligence

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