The Crisis and I.T/I.S in the Greek Industry

 In the year 2008 the Greek industry was affected by the world economic crisis. It was clear that many things had changed and from that point and on nothing was ever going to be the same in terms of how business would be conducted. The crisis had an impact not only on the society and industry of Greece but also tilted the foundations of the Greek economy. One of them is technology. Particularly, the crisis has changed the way that industries perceive uses and invest in Information Technology.

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Securing Government, Public,Private Affairs

One of the main driving forces of today’s and tomorrow’s business endeavors is the ability to trust and be trusted among the parties involved. In today’s dangerously evolving open cloud era however, one cannot stand on his own. It takes the combined efforts of all branches in order to make great things happen and future promises to be made. It takes… a coalition approach.

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