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One of the main driving forces of today’s and tomorrow’s business endeavors is the ability to trust and be trusted among the parties involved. In today’s dangerously evolving open cloud era however, one cannot stand on his own. It takes the combined efforts of all branches in order to make great things happen and future promises to be made. It takes… a coalition approach.

.Past experience has showed that the business community is desperately and constantly fighting to stay ahead, when there is so much competition. It is not so much about the type of business, as it is the competitive advantage needed to succeed before others do. Sometimes though, when the goals of various businesses are aligned, it is best to follow a collaborative path; to combine one another’s resources and will to excel. Ours is now a world struggling with openness. That is, we have become so consumed by our desire to share for the past few years, inevitably leading to a point where we want to put our house in order, but don’t know where to start administering. Whether considering things from a Government, Military, Public or Private sector perspective, there is now a common enemy within our ranks, one which also is needed though as a means to share and cooperate; “Comms”. Communication between the “players” of this chess game is vital, information dissemination crucial. Alas, Comms are part of a more open world than ever before… one that is more vulnerable.

                In order to show how the dots connect with one another, we are going to see things from within the eyes of a computerized world entity. One that has relationships with other entities, ultimately leading to a whole new world, which is then overlaid upon the one most people know, therefore proving its point of existence. Companies have, do and will need to stay ahead of attacks that target their core infrastructure, which would limit or expunge the cost of loss. Governments already realized that; 9/11 was more than just a simple “wake-up call”. In these times, businesses need to price the risk, predict the threat and share appropriately. Now get loan from Unsecured loans4u for your financial needs.We do not share everything with everyone, but we also don’t lose time in sharing what we have decided to share; information not shared in time is intelligence not properly and efficiently analyzed. Regardless of talking about a human network or a computerized one, we need to be more flexible in our movements, Government-wise, Business-wise and above all Security-wise. It is fundamentally important to secure the Intel that will help with business growth; these little bits and pieces that comprise a communicational masterpiece. Technology and Intelligence can save your business and in other flocks of business, they may very well save your life.

                What is technology? Is a curse? Is it a means to an end? It is a pipeline for information to flow. Through technology, information dominance led to advances in research, business growth, government collaboration with the public and private sector and much more. That last point however is more than important; it is a pillar of the “new modern world” that is arising through the ashes of the past decade. In that world, businesses and governments increase their interoperability, advance information analysis and prepare before actual damage can occur. The plan calls for a business’s own people to be trained to interpret and filter information in real-time, piping it to the right channels of communication, able to make that call through proper cyber-judgment. Users are taught to centralize their data and since data is nowadays information in both Business and Government, that information need to be secured. Trained users avert Social Engineering attacks, which divert businesses from their identified objective, since they have to focus on disaster recovery after the incident. With that amount of time saved, Business and Client data security is more achievable. The modern enterprise is now able, in this new model, to collect vital data from public services, filter it, analyze it, label it, correlate it with other connecting Intel and finally find the right info, to pipe from the right source to the proper recipient. This is efficient information sharing, in an International context, based upon a Strategic Process, in an overall Secure Business Environment, through a Secure Information Society.

                It is made clear that if all of the above strategies – plus the ones we are still discovering – are put in effect in a collaborative context, there will be universal and global acceptance that we are no more a people with its mind set upon its own goals. We will deliver a society, an enterprise, a government that will not be able to stand on its own; not because it can’t or it doesn’t want to, but because Coalitions is now the norm. It is something we have been led to by our own experiences, those that we sat down and discussed, analyzed, shared and ultimately learned; a set of lessons well learned after 9/11 from both Government, Industry and the Public, as discussed at the AFCEA Global Intelligence Symposium, in Brussels – Belgium, organized by AFCEA Intelligence. It is the Association for Communications, Electronics, Intelligence and Information Systems Professionals, that brought everyone on board to discuss and disseminate information for the decades to come.

Yours Sincerely,


George M. Chatzitheodosiou
Vice President, AFCEA Student Club
DEREE – The American College of Greece
6, Gravias Street
15342 Aghia Paraskevi
Athens, Greece

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