‘Everything Should be Simple, but Not Simpler’.

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Evangelos Tsakiroglou

Just like Einstein once said:  “Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler”

My invention – presented here –  makes Chemistry simpler than ever!

Everything around us is made using chemistry and mathematics. All chemistry reactions are based on mathematical rules.

Nothing happens just because it simply does!

One of the most popular parts of chemistry is organic chemistry. Organic chemistry includes reactions with Carbon Atoms. A big part of the organic chemistry is chemical reactions between Oxygen and Hydrocarbons. Normally, in order to find out how many Oxygen atoms are needed  to burn a Hydrocarbon we must solve the reaction with the Oxygen.

However, there is an issue which needs to be addressed:

If someone goes to a chemist and says:

– “When I burned a Hydrocarbon, I used 40 Oxygens. Can you help me find out which Hydrocarbon it was ? ”

The answer from the chemist will probably be the following :  “ That is impossible ! ”

Wrong answer!

The proper answer would probably be: “ That was impossible ! ”

My invention includes two (2) mathematical forms (each one for a different case). For me these forms are the laws which explain these chemical reactions. That means, every burning Hydrocarbon while reacting with the Oxygen MUST follow these laws!
The good thing with such a determination is that these forms are based on mathematics and mathematical rules, so they have a  function which works backwards !

Now, with these forms, what was before impossible for our chemist , is now Very possible and surprisingly easy!

Someone who knows chemistry can say: ” It was also possible before, I simply solved the reaction backwards ! “

That is also a good answer but it is a “supernatural” answer! While the Hydrocarbons are reacting with Oxygen, 2 gases are produced; Carbon-Dioxide and Carbon-Monoxide. Thus, solving the reaction with the traditional way would describe the production of at least 1 of the 2 gases; either Carbon-Dioxide or the Carbon-Monoxide.

These forms can do it right!

More specifically we may find the following accurately:
1.    How many Carbon atoms there are in the Molecule
2.    How many Oxygen atoms are in the Molecule before burning it
3.    What king of Hydrocarbon it was (for. ex. Alcan, Alcohol, Esters e.c.t.)

The basic forms of the invention are two. The mathematical progression of these forms, ends up in 3 other forms through which we can mathematically prove that:
“When we burn a hydrocarbon, the quantity of oxygen we used to produce Carbon-Dioxide is always BIGGER than the quantity of oxygen we used to produce Carbon-Monoxide”.

So, from now on we can find which Hydrocarbon we burned!

We can explain these reactions with my invention – law – rule, making Chemistry as simple as possible!

This is only an abstract of my invention. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Remember:  Nothing is impossible in chemistry; we just need to explain it!

Evangelos Ch. Tsakiroglou

BS in Technical Chemistry, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

Contact Phone: +43 6644631424


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