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As a member of the AFCEA Student Club I first took part in the TechNet Europe 2011 in Bratislava. The theme of the TechNet was ” The Cloud computing and its use in the defensive environment“. 

The conference comprised two different sections. The first part was dedicated to security & cloud computing and how it may be implemented in the armed forces. The second part was about the deployment and integration in the armed forces like NATO but businesses as well.  The conference begun with the welcome speeches of people who are involved with AFCEA Europe in Slovakia and the Defense Ministry of Slovak Republic. In the first part of the conference the prospects, evolution, present and business application of cloud security was presented and analyzed. As a student it was very interesting to hear about different aspects.  Various speakers with different background presented various aspects.
One of them,   Brig.Gen. Jan Kaše, Director CIS Division, General Staff, Czech Armed Forces talked about the CIS and its uses in the military.
After the end of the 1st part I understood that cloud computing is very promising and has limitless application to the business and military world. Due to the capabilities of the cloud, it is very important to be secure for the data stored in the web and for the transactions made through the web.  All the speakers made clear that cloud computing is effective and as secure as it can be. 

Other factors of cloud security such as supply chain and project management where also mentioned. The presentation of Dr. Michael J.Donohoe was unique due to the fact that attended TechNet Europe 2011 as the representative of a university which offers education programs for individuals involved with hi-end technologies and the military, the NDU iCollege (US).
In addition, major software companies like Oracle had representatives which through their speeches made known what the intentions of the company are and how it is planning to get involved in the future.  Also, a number of upcoming programs was announced from Oracle with regards to cloud computing.


Moreover,  the knowledge I obtained helped me decide for my future.

With this I mean that now, I am confident and know which direction I would like to take and with which area of the global industry I would like to get involved . The outcome of the event was mind-blowing.

It changed the way I perceive the business world and the way I think in general. Also, this event presented the way computer technology will be in the future.
Furthermore, during the breaks I met many interesting people who are leading the cloud revolution. All individuals that I interacted with gave me useful and important advice for my student career and my future in a very caring and experienced fashion! Through conversations and questions, I managed to figure out my intentions concerning whether I would like to get involved with cloud security or not.

Through the conference in Bratislava I got to know better with my fellow AFCEAns and exchanged different views, ideas and opinions. Up until now we have discussed a number of issues concerning the conference of cloud security and computing.  I Also got the chance to visit many monuments, museums, castles and other historical places in Bratislava.

Finally, this experience was unique and offered me many things which made me stronger for the future and contributed toward my character build-up!

I am already saving up and looking forward to attending the next AFCEA Conference in Heidelberg where I will meet many more interesting individuals who have been innovative and pioneers in a large spectrum of professional and scientific fields.


Michael Sarantidis, DEREE – The American College of Greece
Sophomore , School of Business Administration,  Computer Information systems


Public Relations Officer, AFCEA Student Club




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