The General Manager of AFCEA Europe Robert Howell

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I am delighted to be able to make a contribution to the Deree AFCEA Student Club website.   This student club is so important as it is a true ‘ground-breaker’ for AFCEA – not just the first one within the Association but I am especially pleased that this vital new idea has come from within Europe.   I think it is entirely appropriate that Europe, with its rich diversity of languages, traditions and culutural backgrounds, should lead the way in bringing together young people from across the world by exploiting the range of technologies that make such contact possible.   Not only have the Deree students been supportive of AFCEA’s European activities but they have made it a pleasure for me to get to know them as individuals.
At the same time I would wish to acknowledge the contribution that AFCEA’S Educational Foundation has made in realising the ambitions of the students.   It shows that harnessing the enthusiasm of the students with the generosity of the Foundation has allowed a real force for good to be created.
I wish the founding student club every success for the future and look forward to being associated with its continuing growth and development.


Robert Howell
AFCEA Europe,  General Manager (’10)
Commodore RN (ret.)


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