Why I joined the AFCEA Student Club – Participating in the Student Conference

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I first heard about AFCEA about a year ago during a class lecture and it seemed very interesting so, I decided to learn more about the student club related. I was excited by the fact that I had the opportunity to meet other students who share interests similar to mine and also learn new things about technology, business, information technology and business communication from people who are highly achieved in a global level; and all this, surrounded by an international context and environment.

After getting informed about AFCEA’s functions, I learned about the European and International conferences which are held once a year in different European countries. I decided that I had to participate in one conference at least; I thought “this kind of opportunity is rarely given”, and that is how I chose to participate in the AFCEA series of conferences in London. There is nothing else you need except for determination and willingness to learn.

AFCEA London Student Conference was the third AFCEA Europe Student Conference and had as a subject: “People, Projects and Perceptions – even thinking is participation!” At a glance, the title intrigued me and as I went through the program I understood that each student would present something of his/her own interest from completely different academic fields. This grabbed my attention as I believe that it is for the best to have a general understanding of how students, of my age, around the world perceive and explain their own ideas in our days. Moreover, subjects presented included psychology, marketing, IT and many other interesting and up to date subjects and fields of research. Also, many speakers included terms which are still entry-level in the area of their study, which showed that although many believe young people are not motivated enough, there are still great ideas from students who are inspired and want to share with the world new and fresh ideas.

AFCEA Student Club is an overall great experience and has provided me with many opportunities and knowledge. I value each day at the conferences and I hope that many other motivated business students will have the chance to show their interest by participating.

A great opportunity, not to be missed!



Maria Kastrisiou, DEREE- The American College of Greece,

Senior, Operations’ Management, Member, AFCEA Student Club

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