Why you should be part of the Student Conferences

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Ms. Petroula Panou

As a new member of AFCEA Student Club, I was fortunate enough to be among the DEREE students who attended the 3rd AFCEA Student Conference in London.

I was thrilled by the fact that I had the opportunity to meet with business experts, company officials and students from all over Europe. Through interacting and sharing information, we were also able to combine our knowledge about Information technology, Business, Communication and most importantly, enjoyed seeing brand new ideas presented by young students’ research.

The 3rd AFCEA Student Conference in London managed successfully to bring together young people, from all over Europe and allowed them to share the results of their technical and managerial studies, with the rest of the participants. Throughout the day, my colleagues were able to share their work and I at the same time, was able to gain valuable experiences and information from attending the 4-day series of conferences which were to follow in the same week (October 26-29).

On one hand, the students who attended the AFCEA conferences had the chance to come together with leaders in their fields of business expertise. We also had the opportunity to discuss with company administrators who provides us with significant knowledge on strategies and tips during the conferences and evening social events.

On the other hand, we received cutting edge information about several topics which discussed during these conferences; with a full picture of their research background. Most importantly, we had the support of a global network of fellow students and professionals who are always going to be there, willing to support our future activities and further involvement.


This is a great deal for every student!

Grasp the opportunity and take active part in the creation of a global knowledge and information-sharing network which knows no limits and has no restrictions.


This is the reason behind my involvement with AFCEA and its Student Conferences.

To me, this was the perfect moment to reflect and realize that the 3 years of my studies in business, were finally paying back by offering an actual and to the point perception of business and indicating some of the possible ways my professional career may take.

Cross-cultural, small-group discussions and interaction to spark imagination, inspire critical thinking and encourage cooperation and sharing of worldviews among students.


This is what I gained; a Real-world Experience.

Be part of it.



Petroula Panou, DEREE – The American College of Greece
Senior. International Business and European Affairs
Member, AFCEA Student Club.
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