SIGNAL Magazine is the only international news magazine serving the 

 critical information needs of government,military and industry decision makers active in the fields of C4ISR, information security, intelligence,
research and development, electronics, and homeland security. See more of our
 editorial topics.


SIGNAL explores the art of the possible, expanding beyond new products and applications to include comprehensive coverage of programs and solutions.

Every issue of SIGNAL focuses on a vital theme while providing other relevant news and information through special reports and stand-alone articles. High ranking leaders of government, military and commercial organizations are the primary sources for most SIGNAL articles. Their input is complemented by articles that also address management and user perspectives.  

The authoritative writing style in SIGNAL appeals to the informed professional who wants to keep abreast of important developments in his or her field. This style is powered by in-house staff journalists who collectively have decades of extensive experience in the field. They provide 90 percent of the writing and all of the editing. This ensures quality, accuracy and credibility that are matched by none.


By adhering to professional journalistic standards and ethics, SIGNAL’s news coverage delivers a balanced look at key issues without pushing any hidden agenda. The magazine does not adopt editorial stands on political issues or candidates. The SIGNAL reader can bank on receiving an unbiased account without any favoritism being shown to any individual or organization.


And SIGNAL is more than a magazine; it is AFCEA. For more than 60 years, SIGNAL has delivered cutting-edge news to AFCEA’s information systems professionals. It is the only publication that consistently reaches the AFCEA community each month and that reports on the dynamic interaction of international leadership within AFCEA events.


Only AFCEA’s international journal can offer its readers a comprehensive perspective on the dynamic changes taking place in the 21st century. The experienced staff and its ability to tap in-house AFCEA resources ensure timely access to the right newsmakers. SIGNAL is the network.


SIGNAL Magazine is proud to be the publication against which all others in the field measure themselves.SIGNAL’s storied history, its importance to its reader community, its ethics and its commitment to current and future needs can be summed up in the magazine’s motto:


SIGNAL—Reading Loud and Clear

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