Securing Government, Public,Private Affairs

One of the main driving forces of today’s and tomorrow’s business endeavors is the ability to trust and be trusted among the parties involved. In today’s dangerously evolving open cloud era however, one cannot stand on his own. It takes the combined efforts of all branches in order to make great things happen and future promises to be made. It takes… a coalition approach.

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The AFCEA Student Club and the General Manager of AFCEA Europe present

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Cloud Computing is here to stay!

In TechNet Europe 2011, in Bratislava, we were introduced to a new concept / theory (The Cloud). A ground-braking innovation in the field of IT with a lot of aspects to be discussed!

With the guidance of some governmental and non-governmental agencies such as Dell Corporations, McAffe Inc., Nokia Siemens Networks and NCSA we have explored the advantages and limitations along with the importance of how the Cloud technology can be applied in today’s business environment.

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The AFCEA Scholarship is now a reality!

Last year, among all other matters that were on the table of the AFCEA Student Club, the prospect of creating an AFCEA Scholarship which would be awarded to one of us, the Students / AFCEA Student Club members of DEREE – The American College of Greece.


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Introduction to the Real World of Knowledge!

As a member of the AFCEA Student Club I first took part in the TechNet Europe 2011 in Bratislava. The theme of the TechNet was ” The Cloud computing and its use in the defensive environment“. 

The conference comprised two different sections. The first part was dedicated to security & cloud computing and how it may be implemented in the armed forces. The second part was about the deployment and integration in the armed forces like NATO but businesses as well.  The conference begun with the welcome speeches of people who are involved with AFCEA Europe in Slovakia and the Defense Ministry of Slovak Republic. In the first part of the conference the prospects, evolution, present and business application of cloud security was presented and analyzed. As a student it was very interesting to hear about different aspects.  Various speakers with different background presented various aspects.

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