Petroula Panou

Cloud Computing is here to stay!

In TechNet Europe 2011, in Bratislava, we were introduced to a new concept / theory (The Cloud). A ground-braking innovation in the field of IT with a lot of aspects to be discussed!

With the guidance of some governmental and non-governmental agencies such as Dell Corporations, McAffe Inc., Nokia Siemens Networks and NCSA we have explored the advantages and limitations along with the importance of how the Cloud technology can be applied in today’s business environment.

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Cloud Computing; So What?

Ms. Petroula Panou

Getting ready for TechNet Europe 2011

“Cloud Computing and its use in the Defence Environment”

May 26, 2011

Bratislava, Slovakia

I strongly believe that the following conference will bring closer the AFCEA Student Club and the AFCEA Internationals. It will be both scientifically productive and enjoyable. In essence, we will travel all the way to Bratislava, see different places, meet new people with innovative ideas and different backgrounds. We will also have the opportunity to gain knowledge, ideas and will get informed of the latest technology developments, by meeting professionals from government, defence and industries.

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Why you should be part of the Student Conferences

Ms. Petroula Panou

As a new member of AFCEA Student Club, I was fortunate enough to be among the DEREE students who attended the 3rd AFCEA Student Conference in London.

I was thrilled by the fact that I had the opportunity to meet with business experts, company officials and students from all over Europe. Through interacting and sharing information, we were also able to combine our knowledge about Information technology, Business, Communication and most importantly, enjoyed seeing brand new ideas presented by young students’ research.

The 3rd AFCEA Student Conference in London

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