Cloud Computing; So What?

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Ms. Petroula Panou

Getting ready for TechNet Europe 2011

“Cloud Computing and its use in the Defence Environment”

May 26, 2011

Bratislava, Slovakia

I strongly believe that the following conference will bring closer the AFCEA Student Club and the AFCEA Internationals. It will be both scientifically productive and enjoyable. In essence, we will travel all the way to Bratislava, see different places, meet new people with innovative ideas and different backgrounds. We will also have the opportunity to gain knowledge, ideas and will get informed of the latest technology developments, by meeting professionals from government, defence and industries.

Furthermore, we will be introduced to a new concept/ theory where, small and medium sized enterprises will have access to the same advanced computing systems (The Cloud) and applications without the need to own or administer these systems themselves. Instead, they will be able to pay providers only for the resources they use. With this new technology, TechNet Europe 2011 will explore the advantages, with the importance of how it can be applied specifically to NATO.

We will have the opportunity to meet with people that under normal circumstances, we would have never been given the chance to elaborate on issues as such.  Additionally, we enjoy the privilege of  accessing technology theories and ideas that will be exposed in public after 2 years or even more.

Cloud computing has many advantages.  Improving productivity, networking, providing lower infrastructure costs and of course gaining access to more sophisticated applications, are only some of them. However, there are certain challenges of Existing Cloud computing such as, inadequate security.

Given that the ultimate goal of any cloud is to deliver applications in the most efficient and secure way possible, how  can  we refer to ‘‘Cloud Security’’ when more and more sensitive data is included in such an equation?I recognize the fact that cloud computing offers a fundamentally new way to cost-effectively and quickly set up new services, but how is it possible to protect the integrity and the confidentiality of those data?

This is another noteworthy motivation for me to be present in this event on May 26th .  I am looking forward to attend this TechNet Europe Conference, in order to discover what ‘‘Cloud computing … in the Defence Environment’’ is all about.  With the direction of the Specialists and the knowledge we possess from the previous conferences, we will develop a professional selective environment in which we will exchange information and build connections.

Although I am a Business major, and my knowledge about exchanging  information might not be very sufficient, I am confident that such an exposure to advanced knowledge will only enrich my perception.

After having attended the previous series of conferences held in London (October 2010),  thanks to AFCEA International Conferences and the AFCEA Student Club, my knowledge for the ethical exchange of information, electronics for the defence, and homeland security, has been tremendously upgraded.


This conference will now be the next step towards my global orientation with regards to the AFCEA and the latest technological developments.

What else can I ask for?



Petroula Panou, DEREE – The American College of Greece
Senior, School of Business Administration
International Business and European Affairs
Member, AFCEA Student Club.

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