Klaudia Tani

Proceed with the change and welcome the Future

..The AFCEA Student Club and the afceayouth.com Representati, GEves had the opportunity this year to be a part of an event co-organized by NATO C3 Agency and hosted by AFCEA Europe.


The annual NC3A Industry Conference was conducted under the common purpose of explaining the changes that will occur after the Declaration of the renovation of the Command Structure of the NATO Alliance.

A small preview of what will occur in the Chicago Summit in 2012, was given by the new Secretary of Defense of the United States, Mr. Leon Panetta, in his October 5th speech, in Brussels. That was a briefing for what would be discussed two weeks later in Heidelberg GE.

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Everything is a matter of Perception


What was seen and heard during the AFCEA Conference in Bratislava can not be described in a few words but for me, it simply was one of the most significant experiences I have ever had.




A theoretical person like me would not be in the position to understand technical characteristics,  IT breakthroughs and projects designed to enhance security in businesses and government divisions. However,

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AFCEA Student Club; Broaden your horizons

Klaudia Tani AFCEA Student Club member

The origin of the AFCEA Student Club itself fascinates me! It is a way to open your mind into new experiences and observe the different perspective of reality, the actual future business world.

I feel that this is an amazing opportunity for those who are ready to explore new fields, technology-focused directions, which will give them further knowledge in several business areas.

Having done my research, I recognize that the future of business lies inside the AFCEA TechNet Conferences.

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