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Klaudia Tani AFCEA Student Club member

The origin of the AFCEA Student Club itself fascinates me! It is a way to open your mind into new experiences and observe the different perspective of reality, the actual future business world.

I feel that this is an amazing opportunity for those who are ready to explore new fields, technology-focused directions, which will give them further knowledge in several business areas.

Having done my research, I recognize that the future of business lies inside the AFCEA TechNet Conferences.

Having concluded that this is an amazing opportunity for me, I have decided to participate in TechNet Europe 2011; being held in Bratislava this coming May.

The actual reasons that have driven my interest and urge to participate in this conference are practically those that have led me to decide that my future career path will coincide with what AFCEA is actually all about.

Security is a major topic in our days and AFCEA gives you a different perspective concerning issues around it. For me, Intelligence, Security and Defense, in that order, are the most contemporary issues in our world today. Devoting my Master’s studies in Security and Conflict issues, I understand the major importance of these topics as being the driving forces of the Information Era that we are passing through.

Gaining knowledge on Cloud Computing and several other related topics that are still far from reality does excite me even more.

My individual expectations for this conference are very high; I am expecting to receive very useful information about the essence of Cloud Computing, its implementation worldwide, the different aspects that it is going to be used in and its impact to the business environment.

Like every new development, it will definitely have a two-sided impact so, I am also expecting to be given information on how possible threats associated with this technology are going to be evaluated, processed and eliminated.

AFCEA is a unique environment highly relevant to what I want to do in my life; information sharing is a very important issue in my generation’s Networked Intelligence life. It’s my gut feeling that every time I participate in the activities of my AFCEA Student Club I always gain a small, but amazing experience; I learn something new that makes me evaluate things differently.

I feel really lucky to be a part of the AFCEA Student Club!


Klaudia Tani , DEREE – The American College of Greece
Senior, School of Business , International Business and European Affairs
Member, AFCEA Student Club


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