Everything is a matter of Perception

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What was seen and heard during the AFCEA Conference in Bratislava can not be described in a few words but for me, it simply was one of the most significant experiences I have ever had.




A theoretical person like me would not be in the position to understand technical characteristics,  IT breakthroughs and projects designed to enhance security in businesses and government divisions. However, I was able to realize the overall importance of those breakthroughs which are to be followed. What I realized with the conclusion of that conference was that everything is a matter of our mindset.  It all depends on whether we wish to keep an open mind and explore what is out there and then attempt to grasp the whole essence of it.

The basic components of one’s perspective depend on the open mind he or she develops and maintains as I already mentioned. We all realize that knowledge is essential, but the kind of information that we are exposed to during the AFCEA Conferences is significant in order to interpret how we apprehend our lives at the moment and how we will in a few years from now.

McAffe Inc., Dell Corporations, Nokia Siemens Networks and NCSA (NATO Communication & Information Systems Services Agency) are some of the governmental and non-governmental agencies that came to analyze the “Cloud Computing and its use in the Defence Environment”.

Many questions have been raised in my mind since I attended the TechNet Europe 2011 in Bratislava. The basic question has to do with the component of Security in Cloud Computing. This is the actual dilemma for all entities developing systems as such; government classified information cannot be simply stored in a Cloud where the threat of security and infringement  is so difficult to tackle.

However,  we should not have any kind of prejudice against the Cloud since  it is still being evaluated so, “security will not be the trade for any kind of economic benefits”. Now, we all understand that the Cloud is cheaper to use that the usual data filling which requires the human capital and the storage facilities. In a quick comparison, the first choice is higly risky for data to be exposed and the second is signifacntly more expensive. In a final appreciation though, because information always flows, not picking one of the two choices is unavoidable.

In this TechNet we learned and heard more about Cloud Computing and it’s applications and all of us comprehended that this will be the future of data-sharing and storage. It is and will be an important component of what we will come across in the near future.

Going to the AFCEA TechNet in Bratislava was an amazing experience. Furthermore the information that I acquired was significant for my personal development and changed the way I perceive the technical components of Security.

I feel happy to have made the right choice and joined the AFCEA Student Club to our trip in Bratislava. The Club has created a path for those who wish to open their horizons and realize the great ocean of information which exists and flows endlesly out there! It targets the amazing goal of bringing the students of  DEREE – The American College of Greece closer to the real business world; the secret is to not be afraid to enter and explore that world!

Our next stop is Heidelberg, the TechNet International and “Supporting NATO in the Next Decade”.


 Support your knowledge by making a step forward, Join Us!


Klaudia Tani, DEREE – The American College of Greece
Graduate, School of Business Administration,  International Business and European Affairs
afceayouth.com Representative

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