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Heidelberg and TechNet International 2011
What a wonderful city and what an amazing conference

Heidelberg is a city in south-west Germany. This baroque-style Old Town, mainly positioned at left bank of the River Neckar, is a popular tourist destination due to its romantic and picturesque cityscape, including the Heidelberg Castle and the Philosophers’ Walk.


AFCEA could not have picked a better location for this year’s TechNet Conference, since Heidelberg is the seat of Germany’s oldest university and world famous research centre for industry and science.

This year, the TechNet International 2011 lasted three days, instead of the traditional two. The reason is the imminent reformation of NATO, so AFCEA and NC3A decided to combine their events.

The program of the Conference was formed as follows:

NATO C3 Agency Annual Industry Conference (19/10/11)
Some Issues Explored:
  • Comprehensive ISR Approach, National Expansions of Core Funded Systems
  • C2 and Operations Services
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
AFCEA TechNet Symposium
Session 1 – Technological Aspects (20/10/11)
  • Unified Information and Communication, an Allied Approach to a Mission Critical
    Everything Over IP Networks
  • Secure Networking in the Field

Session 2 –  Operational and Economic Aspects (21/10/11)

  • Operational Superiority by Technical Innovation – Speed as Key Success Factor
  • Smarter Defense – Integrate to Innovate
    Leveraging IT to Gain Operational Effectiveness

Session 3 – Emerging Technologies (21/10/11)

  • Mobile Geo-Apps for Field Operations
  • How far is Emotional Intelligence from Intelligent Decision Making?
    Virtual Reality & Effects on Human Behavior

*We will elaborate on the above subjects soon, with more articles.

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As you can see, the speakers cover areas from a wide range of business fields, with Technology and Security Strategies being just few of them.

For more details on the speakers, or if you want to see their presentations, go to the TechNet website.

Of course, the TechNet symposium is not only about the speeches!

The Students of the Club have a unique opportunity to meet with the speakers during the coffee/lunch breaks, and speak with them in order to exchange ideas. You don’t get the chance to have a friendly conversation with a CEO/CIO of IBM, Dell, Nokia/Siemens and Fox-IT every day!

Neither will a Minister or Ambassador come and talk to you about your views and ideas. The DEREE AFCEA Student Club gives you the opportunity to do so, and is always open to questions or inquiries and welcomes all DEREE Students who whish to join this team and use charter bus rental phoenix to transport; a team of Open Minds!

Who knows; you may even present you research paper to a TechNet, like the two DEREE alumni, Mr. Dimitrios Tataridas and Dr. Evy Syrou, who presented a paper on the TechNet 2010 and 2011 respectively.

This year, the AFCEA Student Club  has many achievements to be proud of, since after lobbying at the TechNet’s pools of knowledge, we came out with internship opportunities. This, along with the AFCEA Scholarship that the Club awards annually to one of its members, is what the club has to offer to the Students of DEREE – The American College of Greece, in its 2 years of existence. And we will not stop there.

We are a group of young people, representing various business fields;  ready to follow our own unique path into this versatile world.

 – Setting your own path though, is a task that only a broad mind may achieve – 

 This is why we dedicate our time in sharing the knowledge we acquire

 – This is the true Mission of the AFCEA Student Club –

Join Us

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