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Anna Ketsetzioglou

Marketing   vs. Anti-Marketing:

An Overview


Actions and Basic Questions to Ourselves

When we Purchase Something!

Marketing is the A-Z for each product launched in the market and it has gone a long way. A consumer with low education and little knowledge is weaponless to the frame-up made by marketers.

In our time & age, new technologies, combined with experiments done by marketers, are aiming for a weaker customer/consumer, powerless and unable to defeat their greedy consumption schemes. All are targeting our brain and the feelings released when we faced a logo, a product, a service, etc., even another person.

Humans buy most of the goods they consume unconsciously and often they can not identify and/or admit the real and original reasons. The “ability” machines can record, store and process stimuli from both brain’s sides, thus being able to disclose and reveal the true thought & decision-making patterns inside our brain.

The first part of this research is about the application of “neuromarketing” as a competitive advantage by the marketers. They have ways to produce unbelievable products that no one can resist.

"Shop , shop and Shop some more!"

The second part will attempt to use “neuromarketing” techniques for erecting a ‘protective wall’ of a stream of simple thoughts and questions for protecting humans from a virtual ‘mass-consumption hypnotism’. What kind of questions to ask themselves before making even a trivial purchase. For example, a question would be whether we buy something for the product itself and not for its packaging. Another, whether we buy something just for living a delusion and [hopefully] become part of a ‘successful’ group or team of people. Such questions will be expressed in an as-simple-as-possible compact form and with pre-defined key-words.

This presentation hopes to present and analyze both sides of neuromarketing to future consumers, in order to inform and possibly [re]direct thoughts & action towards a better world.

In order to view the full presentation of this research click here and the file will be downloaded on your computer.

If you wish to view more presentations from the Third AFCEA Europe Student Conference in London, you may follow this link.



Anna Ketsetzioglou, DEREE – The American College of Greece
Senior, School of Business , Marketing
Vice President, AFCEA Student Club

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