Being new in AFCEA Student Club

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The AFCEA Student Club

When I first heard about the AFCEA Student Club, my guess was that it was a common club where students would gather up and talk vaguely about technology. After participating in the first student club meeting I was astonished to discover that it was much more – A bridge between students and the wider field of business.

In the first student club meeting, which was basically a presentation of what AFCEA is to the new members, I realized that this is the only truly business-oriented club in the College. I found out that the club is part of an international non-profit association which deals with components that really fascinate me.

Majoring in Computer Information Systems and wanting to pursue a master’s degree in Information Technology, I have been exploring the field of technology for years. Discovering that communication, information technology, intelligence and global security are AFCEA’s main areas of focus was music to my ears.

I had finally found the milestone I had been searching for in such a long time!

Finding out that the members of the AFCEA Student Club are given the opportunity to attend the TechNet conferences that are held twice a year, I knew I had to be a part of it. I was driven by the fact that AFCEA has as its main purpose the gaining and sharing of information. The idea of having access to a great pool of knowledge urged me to become a member of the club. I could not wait to witness first-hand the technological breakthroughs, advancements and innovations that are presented at these conferences.

The first conference I will be attending is TechNet Europe and is going to be held in Bratislava, Slovakia this May. This conference carries the title “Cloud Computing and its use in the Defense Environment” which is a subject of main interest to me. With cloud computing being a topic relatively new, I am expecting to broaden my knowledge on the subject and discover its distinctive implementation in the business environment. Finding out about the new strategic movements on this issue is exciting and a truly unique experience to me.

I am really optimistic about being part of AFCEA and I know that it will affect my perspective and future business career.

It appears that the AFCEA Student Club is a fortunate opportunity not to be missed!



Aris Balomenos, DEREE – The American College of Greece
Junior, School of Business Administration,  Computer Information Systems
Member, AFCEA Student Club.


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