Being a member of AFCEA

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Being a member of the AFCEA organization for the last 6 years has
enabled me to view the world from a different angle, to say the least.
Specifically, entering the world of this organization has bridged the gap
between the corporate business universe and the military galaxy, once
only a very vague entity in my mind, yet much more apart of all our
worlds than we realize.
Every military, from the beginning of time, has been the driving force of all societies. Civilizations that have prevailed did so due to the armies that drove them forward. In our times this is done less on bloody battle fields but through the militaries integration with the corporate culture.
AFCEA gives us the opportunity to view this spectrum and be apart of a unique experience. The TechNet conferences are the doorway to learning about all current affairs, offering the members’ volumes of information provided by key speakers and members of the fields.
When AFCEA organized the first Student Conference it symbolized the sharing of fresh theories and knowledge from a conglomeration of youths, giving each and every academic scholar the opportunity to vocalize their views, thoughts, dreams, and observations. Moreover the conference serves as an outlet to express ones intellect in a purely professional setting, however allowing room for passion. The world viewed through the eyes of the new generation has proven to be both sound and refreshing; a wonderful opportunity and experience to integrate with a respectable body of similar minds, joined together under the international AFCEA umbrella.
Needless to say I am very proud, and honored to be a member of AFCEA!

Androniki Nikolakopoulou

Computer Information Systems Instructor
DEREE – The American College of Greece


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