Aris Balomenos

Being new in AFCEA Student Club

The AFCEA Student Club

When I first heard about the AFCEA Student Club, my guess was that it was a common club where students would gather up and talk vaguely about technology. After participating in the first student club meeting I was astonished to discover that it was much more – A bridge between students and the wider field of business.

In the first student club meeting, which was basically a presentation of what AFCEA is to the new members, I realized that this is the only truly business-oriented club in the College. I found out that the club is part of an international non-profit association which deals with components that really fascinate me.

Majoring in Computer Information Systems and wanting to pursue a master’s degree in Information Technology, I have been exploring the field of technology for years. Discovering that communication, information technology, intelligence and global security are AFCEA’s main areas of focus was music to my ears.

I had finally found the milestone I had been searching for in such a long time!

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